Event 2/7

FRACTEL Virtual Series 2.0

Event 2: Recovery


We've teamed up with Christie Johnson @thefitnutkitchen to offer some expert advice on various way to recover! Whether you're running 5km or 500km, recovery is key in order to continue doing what you love, day in day out.
Our challenge for you in Event 2 is to take the time to recover. How you do that is completely up to you. Let us know via our social channels below!

7 Top Recovery Tips with Christie Johnson

1. Eat quality food regularly throughout the day - your body is continuously repairing
and refueling. So, aim for 20-30g of protein every 3-4 hours to maximise lean muscle

2. Eat whole protein rich foods first - this gives you a range of nutrients to recover
oppose to protein powders and bars (but, they’re okay when you’re on the go or need to
boost your food)

3. Fuel during your long runs - what you eat around and during running (and exercise)
supports your recovery. So, start early and fuel with carbohydrates during exercise over
80-90 minutes.

4. Refuel with fibre rich foods - fibre and quality carbohydrates (like grain bread, oats,
potato, veggies, fruit, rice, pasta, legumes) after exercise and throughout the day will
give you all the nutrients you need to build a strong and healthy gut, immune system and
ultimately perform better.

5. Hydrate well, always - Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, milks, yoghurts and warm drinks
to build your hydration throughout the day; so you’re well hydrated when you start
running. Take a hydration vest or water belt for anything over 60 minutes.

6. Prepare and think ahead - timing and quality of food is essential. If you’re on the go,
take something to eat within 45 minutes (like nut bars, protein yoghurt if you can keep it
cold, grab a milky drink, or some sort of meal); and regardless of if you’ve done the run a
hundred times or never before, always take backup nutrition with you, because you
never know when you’ll need it!

7. Sleep and have a rest day regularly - what I’ve learnt, and keep learning, is that
training purposefully and not mindlessly is key.

Run safe, run smart.

Please share your recovery with us on socials.