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Our Passion for Performance.

A unique range of Performance Headwear

Fractel was born in Queensland, Australia, where our continuous inspiration is a combination of the ocean, mountains and community.


Proudly worn by real people like you.

"So good to have some running kit that looks good on the way to and from the events. The ‘JET’ Edition hat has been standing up well to travel and multi-day events!"

by MARK BARGER - Runner & Community Leader

"I absolutely love my Calypso and Caribbean Caps. Besides the vibrant colours, on the outside and inside of the peak,  they shade the eyes well & keep sweat at bay. I highly recommend any of the Fractel caps!"

by Trina Dawkins

"As a runner and keen gym goer, I’m always putting my ‘JET’ Edition to the test. It’s survived every session and is now my go-to hat!!"

by JAMES KELLY - F45 National Champion & Ultra Runner

"These hats are slick!.... If you haven’t already got one on ya’ skull, you’re missing out! Be part of something bigger."

by CHE MURRAY - Dad, Husband & Runner

"I love the ‘LUMEN’ Edition hat! Whether it’s on the way to training or catching up with the team, this hat is quality!"

by MAHALIA CASSIDY - Netball: QLD Firebirds Player & Adventurer

"Arrived really fast! Very impressed with the build quality! Excited to get some miles in it!"

by JAMES HAIDEN - Runner & Triathlete