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#whywerun - Rach Nathan

Rach Nathan

Words & images: Rach Nathan

Born in Bred in Perth WA. A true sandgroper, where most of my childhood memories were spent outdoors soaking up the rays, tanning on the beach, playing backyard cricket, or road tripping for hours and hours up and down our amazing coastline. I have always been a wanderer, an explorer of life. As an only child you have to find your own fun, seek your own dreams and adventures. Even today I continue to do this, instead now the main source comes from running. Whether it be down the coastal path, the Perth hills or going on a road trip seeking awesome tracks. I gain so much mentally and physically with running, and am very grateful to have a body that allows me to do what I love.

My Journey begins way back when I was 9, starting out competing in little Athletics, State track and field for 10 years, scoring a few 4x400m relay golds and a state record in that time. I was coached up until I started seniors in my late teens when my coach became critically ill and I could no longer train. It was at that moment when I decided to complete my diploma in Fitness and start my own PT business, in the hope to create an environment that I had been involved with in little A's and my coach. My aim was to encourage, support and help those who need to kickstart their healthy lifestyle or fitness goals. My business ran for about 5 years, and in that time, I trained a lady who changed my mindset completely. She changed it in a way that I'll be forever grateful for..

This lady lost 50kg with me, and her next goal was to run a half marathon. She asked me to join, and I laughed. I was never a confident person, had always put everyone before myself, put their lives and their goals before me, but in return it shattered my self-belief. No matter what people would say about how strong I was, or how fit I was, I never did see it for myself.. Until that half marathon in 2018 when I agreed to run with her. We completed it together in just under 2hours and since that day I have grown in myself because of running. I have found that 'thing' that makes me strong, happy, confident and a believer in myself. I can RUN and I am good at it.  In almost 2 years I have completed over 10 half marathons, 1 road marathon and a couple trail ultras.

This year hasn't been the year I hoped, but I'm sure it's the same for many. With so many goals and dreams that I wanted to achieve just not going to happen, I can only look to the future in 2021. Especially since I recently fell to my first injury, a semi torn plantar as well as a torn ankle ligament in the same foot.  Two months with non-existent training or running, almost mentally derailed me but I had to stay positive.

I had to keep those dreams in my view. Here in Perth, events still ran, so I stayed connected and volunteered, cheered my friends on and became a strong influence amongst new beginner runners here in WA. I had so much love and support in my corner that I didn't have a chance to be negative about my situation. Always focus on the positives in every situation! And after 2 months I ran for the first time the other day. How good did it feel! Its why I run.. The feeling;  The runner's adrenaline, the wind in my hair, the salty skin, being free and alive, amongst nature and the views! I was back and really  It's the best feeling in the world, when you run. 
You really can do anything, nothing is impossible. Dream to Believe & Believe to Dream.