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#whywerun - Scott Richmond

Scott Richmond | Trail Runner | Brand Designer | Family Man

We've been lucky enough to get to know "Scoot" over the last year and work together on a number of levels. A man of many talents, Scoot not only has an impressive running resume, he has an incredible talent for creating, entertaining and engaging others in all that he does.

With the pandemic flipping his work world upside down Scoot has created a kid’s character @ozzie_forkids and started filming entertaining and educational videos. This is just one example of how he's constantly adapting, whether this be in the middle of a race when something goes wrong, or a career. A man with an awesome story. Read more below.

"With a passion for creating entertaining, exciting, engaging and educational video content for guilt free screen time for our kids, I’d like to present to you, Ozzie – Australia’s newest kids entertainer and educator.

Originally form Perth, I’ve grown up in Sydney’s Southern suburbs since the age of 7. I now call Bangor home and love being so close to the local trails and the huge expanse of running options in the Royal National Park.

I did little athletics as a kid and played AFL all my life, always running to keep fit for both. But, it wasn’t until 2010 when I decided to take on my first ultra-marathon, that I started to run the longer distances. I had a mate who ran The North Face 100 (now known as Ultra-Trail Australia) in 2009, which at the time I thought was just absolutely insane. I’d been sitting on the idea of doing something completely out of my comfort zone for a couple of years, after losing my 19 year old cousin to Motor Neurone Disease. I wanted to use it to raise real funds and awareness for MND in memory of my cousin. I wanted something big, something that would make people sit back and say, “wait, Scott can’t run that far!”, and they’d feel inspired to support my cause. A 100km ultra-marathon seemed to fit the bill perfectly, so I signed up and after a fast tracked 11 week crash course into long distance trail running, I ran my first ever ultra. It worked, I raised almost $11,000 for MND and it was the most satisfying thing I’d ever done in my life. 

It took another 12 months though, and the persistent push from my brother to join him in his first attempt at the 100km distance, before I’d become completely hooked. It was during the 2011 North Face 100km event, alongside my brother, that I realised I couldn’t deny the pull of trail running and since then it’s been my obsession.

I started long distance trail running to honour the memory and legacy of my little cousin Elliot. And to this day, that inner drive and constant motivator has never disappeared. And it never will, especially when training and races get tough, I just think of the MND motto ‘Never Give Up’, which is now very much how I live every aspect of my life. These days I also have three kids so my motivations are very much centered around setting an example for them – showing my kids that anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard enough. Seeing the looks on their faces when I come through a checkpoint and especially at the finish line, makes all the hard work and training hours away from them worth it. And now I have two of my three kids running alongside me, which is just the best thing ever!

2019 race results

4th Mt Solitary Ultra

6th UTA100

1st Royal Double Ultra 50km

2nd Wingello Trail Festival 50km

2nd Hume and Hovell 100km

And of course the Parkruns with my 7yr old, and his first ‘race’ at the Wingello 7km

And running with my 4yr old to complete his first ever Parkrun - very proud moments!

I only have UTA100 locked in for 2020, but who know what else this year holds. I had my first 100 miler scheduled in at Hume and Hovell in Oct, but unfortunately that has been cancelled. When all the dust settles with this COVID 19 debacle, I dare say 2021 could be set for a big year! There’ll be a 100 mile race for sure, and without a doubt I’ll be lining up for another UTA100 again. Beyond that is anyones guess, but I can tell you, I have a long list of international races I’d love to hit – I’m only just getting started!"

You can follow along with Scoot on Instagram HERE